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I don’t know about you but for me, there’s nothing worse than feeling like your skin is suffocating with makeup on a hot, sticky day! When I know I’m going to be in direct sunlight on holiday or like recently in the UK where we’ve been melting indoors, I prefer to leave my skin to breathe as much as possible. Typically, on a normal day, I’d opt for no makeup but for those days where I want to feel a little glam but still keep it light, these are the products that I LOVE!


Once you have applied your skincare please do not forget about your sunscreen! SPF 50 should be mandatory. It’s going to help prevent those wrinkles – so treat it like your best friend! 

A couple of my favourites are:

If you prefer a glowly look I’d recommend NUXE but if you’re after more of a matte finish, Heliocare will be the better option for you.


The base is probably one of the most important parts of your makeup routine! 

For clearer skin days when I’m feeling confident with my skin, I will use something really light like the Drunk Elephant Anti-pollution sunshine drops or the By Terry CC Serum in shade Sunny Flash. For the days when I need a little more coverage but still want to keep it breathable, I would opt for IT Cosmetics CC Serum in shade Medium Tan. You can also mix these products together or with your moisturiser to customise the glow and coverage. 


Investing in good concealer is a necessity! You want something that lasts all day, covers any imperfections whilst not creasing or moving.

My go-to’s are:


Brows are the frame to your face, so even if you can’t be bothered to put much effort into your makeup that day, always spare a few minutes for your brows! 

My Must-haves:

The Brow gel, is the best I’ve tried as it really holds your brows in place all day. So if you love that brushed up, laminated look or simply have eyebrows that you want to keep in place – I’d really recommend trying this one out.

Blush & Bronze

Now you’ve got your base & brows prepped you can add some colour to your face to accentuate certain features and add dimension. I try to use products that make me look as though I’ve been in the sun for the day as I love the sun-kissed, flushed look. When it’s hot I like to avoid powders as much as I can and opt for liquid products. 

My 2 favourite liquid blushes at the moment are:

With the Benefit tint, it really stains the skin QUICKLY – so be sure to blend out ASAP and apply in sections. 

I like to use bronzer to sculpt my cheekbones and I also a little bit in the crease of my eyelid to add some shade there too. 

My 2 obsessions are:


Mascara is a must for me to transform my eyes and make me look more awake! 

The 2 I have in my makeup bag currently are: 


Highlight isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I think if applied in moderation it can really add a beautiful, healthy glow to the skin. On hot days, I stay away from powder highlight and go for liquid options. I put the highlighter on the tops of cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose and on my cupids bow. I have a big highlight collection but the liquid highlights I always reach for are: 


I tend to avoid heavy lipsticks & liquid lipsticks in the heat and instead love to use a balm, gloss or lip oil. I always use a lip liner to add some definition and volume to my lips. 

I love lip products, so it’s hard for me to just select a couple to share with you but the one’s I am crushing on at the moment are:

To line my lips, I love:

I love this makeup routine as it takes around 5 minutes and makes me feel a little more put together whilst allowing my skin to breathe. If you want to see a tutorial of how I use this products then head over to my Instagram highlights ‘Beauty Products’ – laurenkingsman

Hope you can discover some products that you can add to your favourites too!

Lauren xo

I have wanted to start a Blog for no exaggeration, around 10 years but have always put it off and had a million & 1 excuses why it’s not the right time. After being with my boyfriend for over 10 years now and having been lucky enough to go on some really lovely dates & trips around the world, I wanted to share my experiences with you! 

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