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I have wanted to start a Blog for no exaggeration, around 10 years but have always put it off and had a million & 1 excuses why it’s not the right time. After being with my boyfriend for over 10 years now and having been lucky enough to go on some really lovely dates & trips around the world, I wanted to share my experiences with you! 

I am always looking for new & exciting things to do and wanted my blog to be a place that you can come to for inspiration for your date nights; whether it be planning your first date, needing a staycation recommendation or organising a fun girlie celebration. I am an absolute advocate for making an occasion out of everything, celebrating the small stuff in life and I’m definitely known amongst friends and family as always being ‘extra’, but why not eh?

Along with date nights, I also LOVE travelling to new places and like any girly-girl, beauty & fashion are up there with my top passions. I’ll be adding all of my favourite beauty routines, products and outfits here too. 

I can’t wait to share all my recommendations and memories with you all! 

Lots of love,

Lauren xo